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  • (1) Download Admission Form
  • (2) Take Entrance Exam
  • (3) (if successful in (2) above), pay Acceptance Fee of N5,000.00; Bring your child for:
  •      (i) Medical tests (including X-Ray) at the rate of N7,500.00 (cash)
  •      (ii)Uniform measurement by the school tailors/seamstresses.
  • However, supplementary admissions may attract extra cost.
  • (4) Pay the school fees in full

      “Clearing a student” begins as soon as school fees are paid. The steps are:

      Step 1: Return the following items to the Admission Office (Principal’s office) at least 1 week before the day you bring the child to school: Original copy of the bank Teller (showing full payment of the “new-admission” fees), Birth Certificate/Age Declaration (Photocopy), photocopy of Junior WAEC result (for SS 1 students), photocopy of Transfer Certificate (for all students seeking admission into JSS 2 and above), the Admission Letter (photocopy), results of last class passed (photocopies) and one passport photograph of the child; then, obtain for the child an ADMISSION NUMBER from the Admission Officer.

      Step 2: Go to the Treasury department (same day) and present the original bank teller and obtain official receipt and a TREASURY CLEARANCE PAPER from there.

      Step 3: On arrival (on the resumption day), carry your luggage to the Checking/Searching Point, present the TREASURY CLEARANCE PAPER to enable the officers do the searching and obtain a SEARCH CLEARANCE PAPER.

      Step 4: Proceed to the Principal’s Clearance Stand and submit the SEARCH CLEARANCE PAPER and the TREASURY CLEARANCE PAPER and collect THE PRINCIPAL’S CLEARANCE PAPER.

      Step 5: Move to the hostel with THE PRINCIPAL’S CLEARANCE PAPER and your luggage for allocation.

      Step 6: The student keeps the Principal’s Clearance Paper and submits it to his/her Form Teacher when classes begin, for recording.

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