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  1. Download Admission Form or Purchase Admission Form
  2. Take Entrance Exam
  3. (if successful in (2) above),
  4. Pay Acceptance Fee of N11,000.00 (cash);
  5. Pay N7,500.00 (cash) for compulsory medical tests (Chest X-Ray, Urinalysis, Blood Group, Genotype, Hepatitis B Antigens, Stool Microscopy, Full Blood Count and Wbc)
  6. Take measurement for uniforms by the school tailors/seamstresses.

a. However, supplementary admissions may attract extra cost. Pay the school fees in full alongside the PTA levy of N5,000.00 Do CLEARANCE by taking the following steps (Clearance Procedure):


Step 1: Return the following items to the Admission Office (Principal's office) at least 1 week before the day you bring the child to school: Original copy of the bank Tellers (showing full payment of the "new-admission" fees and that of the PTA), Photocopies of Birth Certificate/Age Declaration, Junior WAEC result (for SS 1 students), Transfer Certificate (for all students seeking admission into JSS 2 and above), the Admission Letter and results of last class passed; then, obtain for the child an ADMISSION NUMBER from the Admission Officer.

Step 2: Go to the Treasury department (same day) and present the original bank tellers and obtain official receipts and a TREASURY CLEARANCE PAPER from there.

Step 3: On arrival (on the resumption day), locate the Principal's Clearance Stand, submit the TREASURY CLEARANCE PAPER to the officer and obtain the PRINCIPAL'S CLEARANCE PAPER.

Step 4: Proceed to the Searching Point where your luggage will be thoroughly searched.

Step 5: Move to the hostel with THE PRINCIPAL'S CLEARANCE PAPER and your luggage for allocation.

Step : You (the student) will keep the Principal's Clearance Paper and submit it to your Form Teacher the following day when classes begin, for recording.

NOTE: Students who fail to resume or return on the resumption day will return after one week. Students who fail to return on the 2nd week will have to wait for another one week and after the 3rd week there will be no reception of any student for the term. That is to say, students that fail to return after 3 weeks of resumption will have to wait for the next term.

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