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The Senior Management Team of Adventist Comprehensive High School, Elele

Adventist Comprehensive High School is endowed with highly committed and experienced professional staff who form the Senior Executive Team. The team meets weekly and leads the devising and implementation of school strategic development plan and also has overall responsibility for the daily management of the whole school. Each member of the SET has their specialist areas of expertise, whilst also working cohesively as a group to be proactive and responsive to the changing demands of the educational landscape.

Elder Michael Amaechi Principal

As the Principal, he has the overall responsibility for the strategic and operational management of all the school’s activities. This includes specific responsibility for the strategic direction of the School, academic and non-academic policies, curriculum implementation, staff appointments, staff development, and partnership working with the Board of Directors, The Governing Council of Eastern Nigeria Union Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Nigeria, parents and other stakeholders.

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Mr. Nwaokocha Courage CSchool Treasurer

Courage as part of his responsibility oversees all financial activities as defined and set by the School management and the school Governing Council.

Mr. Teniola FrancisVice Principal Academics and Senior Secondary

He prepares and leads in the following areas: curriculum development, timetabling, tracking, and analysis of results/data, behaviour management, pastoral care, external relations and community links, staff development, training and induction.

Mr. Ekpo E. EkpoVice Principal, Administration and Student Affairs

He provides support to the school as regards, recruitment, performance management and growth of the school

Mrs. Ebere AssorVice Principal, Junior Secondary

The Junior Secondary School has Mrs. Ebere Assor as the principal of the section.

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